R.I.P Mcqueen

always my inspiration.


happy Birthday Mum


Today it was my mums birthday.

We had a surprise lunch for her. She thought we were just going to someones house for lunch, but we went to the best seafood restaurant in Sydney – The Boathouse. Getting there was a problem though, we had a reservation for 1:00 but mum was in no rush and we arrived half an hour late because mum decided to clean the car and spent a while decorating the pavlova (which is truly australian). We had a four course meal and it was brilliant! Everyone had classy seafood but I had fish & chips (the chips were handcut)!

If you can’t see what I’m wearing, I’m wearing my Thomas the tank engine tee, my sisters striped cardigan and my skinnies.

Thanks to Chris & Sue for a really nice lunch!

From Jarrod.

Pointy Hat


Today I made a design with a pointy hat, I put it on the computer by using my family’s new scanner. So for designs I won’t take photos anymore. It’s at the bottom of the post. And so, bye for now, not forever.

pizza night.

i woke up with bunny ears today.

has it ever happened to you?

New design.

Hello! As I said I would, I am posting, this is going to be a very quick post, now, today’s outfit/design is very exciting.. It’s a dress. Of course, I won’t wear it.

Here are my design pictures.

hope you like it!

silk scarf & fake pearls

Hello. This is going to only be a quick post because I’m going to bed soon but firstly, I’ve got to apoligize for breaking my promise.. I said I would update more often then I disappeared (aliens abducted me).

I’m very very very sorry and to make it up to you I will post a new design/outfit daily for the next five days, starting today.

This is the outfit I wore this outfit around the house today..  the pearls kept coming out of my hair and got uncomfortable but I hope you guys enjoy!

(white tank, mums scarf, fake pearls, ribbon,  scrap fabric pinned on)

Dessins de mode

NEWSFLASH (1): I’ve stopped using lookbook because I’m under the age limit to use it. I don’t really mind though because I’ll be posting photos of outfits onto this blog from now on, ok? 🙂

NEWSFLASH(2): the title of this blog is french for “fashion drawings”. Lately i’ve been spending a lot of time designing. Here are two I did really fast today!

The first one is about how everything comes alive at night… I was inspired when i was sitting in the garden last night and everything looked so nice in the moonlight. Its the same as people I think. When they sleep or inside their minds they can have WILD dreams but when they’rearen’t asleep their lives may be horirible. This is dedicated to those people.

This next one is  a design I got inspired to draw by my sisters least liked peice of clothing. I walked into her wardrobe when she was organising stuff and told her to tell me what she hates most. She chose a big, ugly ‘Deisel’ denim jacket, and not the nice kind of denim. The dark kind with no pockets, a zip down the middle, buttons and a high collar you can’t fold down. YUCK!

I’ll also be updating this blog a lot more now 🙂

That’s all for today

– J