Cool junk..

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, my week has been really boring and my internet is so slow right now…
Anyway, I spent yesterday going through a pile of things my mum was throwing away and I came across a really nice net jacket!

As you can see (at the bottom of the page) it doesn’t look like a proper jacket because I flipped the bottom half over my shoulders to make a cape kind of thing… I thought it looked awesome!

This week I copied my sisters idea and started an inspiration folder where I put in things that inspire me to design (imagine) and I put in random stuff I like.

Here is a picture of me and my sisters folder, mine is the bottom one!

So… does anything inspire you?


13 responses to “Cool junk..

  1. hello!! i´m from spain and i invite you to visit my fashion blog. i´m personal shopper and fashion stylist. kisses

  2. you inspires me ;P hihi.
    emh but i think pepole gets inpired of everything around them like emotions or just random things.
    I often get inspired by other cool pepole who has great styles.

  3. You inspires me alot…!!
    Thank you

  4. Does your sister have a blog, she sounds amazing. Based on your fashion i can only imagine her style!

  5. hello from a fan in malaysia.

  6. I JUST FOUND YOUR LOOKBOOK AND AM KIND OF STALKING YOU (but not really). ahh, you’re so the coolest kid i’ve EVER encountered and can we please be friends? thanks.

  7. Ohh I love the inspiration folder ! Such a great idea 🙂

  8. omg. you are so cool! 🙂
    more updates please! 😀

  9. I started an inspiration folder a few months ago 🙂 I find that sticking a variety of things into it, from landscapes to perfume adverts, can give a wide range of ideas. Might you mind if I put some pictures of your works into it? 🙂
    I like how yours and your sister’s look nice and full 😀

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