silk scarf & fake pearls

Hello. This is going to only be a quick post because I’m going to bed soon but firstly, I’ve got to apoligize for breaking my promise.. I said I would update more often then I disappeared (aliens abducted me).

I’m very very very sorry and to make it up to you I will post a new design/outfit daily for the next five days, starting today.

This is the outfit I wore this outfit around the house today..  the pearls kept coming out of my hair and got uncomfortable but I hope you guys enjoy!

(white tank, mums scarf, fake pearls, ribbon,  scrap fabric pinned on)


7 responses to “silk scarf & fake pearls


    Check this out. It’s an alternative to lookbook.

  2. I love how you handle the scarf and the black fabric . 😀

  3. I really like how it all layers up, but isn’t overdone 🙂

  4. he looks like a pretty 10 yr old girl

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