happy Birthday Mum


Today it was my mums birthday.

We had a surprise lunch for her. She thought we were just going to someones house for lunch, but we went to the best seafood restaurant in Sydney – The Boathouse. Getting there was a problem though, we had a reservation for 1:00 but mum was in no rush and we arrived half an hour late because mum decided to clean the car and spent a while decorating the pavlova (which is truly australian). We had a four course meal and it was brilliant! Everyone had classy seafood but I had fish & chips (the chips were handcut)!

If you can’t see what I’m wearing, I’m wearing my Thomas the tank engine tee, my sisters striped cardigan and my skinnies.

Thanks to Chris & Sue for a really nice lunch!

From Jarrod.


3 responses to “happy Birthday Mum

  1. sounds like you all had a great time! and ooh, are those macaroons??

  2. WOW that looks delicious! What a nice present for your mom!

  3. Looks so good đŸ˜€ Happy Birthday to your mum haha

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