no hope, no love, no glory

apart from putting bad song lyrics in the title
something TERRIBLE has happened…

My lookbook got deleted!?

I can’t get into it and it’s not on the website.. 😦 does anyone know why?
I made a new account but so far it only has one older photo on it.
Also because I had computer problems I lost most of the photos … forever.
Follow the link on the bar on the side to get to my new account it has the same name..
Hhere is an old photo from lookbook which i found off someones blog,
it was my first and it means alot to me…

RIP lookbook


Sorry for the delay..

My computer got a virus and I couldn’t get on the computer, but I’m back now! Im sure you haven’t missed me too much… 🙂

Hope everyone had a really good Christmas! I know I did 🙂
I got a lot of presents! My favorites were a PS2 game, new converse shoes, Kate Miller-Heidke Curiouser album & POM juice! I’d love to hear what you guys got..

Yesterday was New Years eve and I wore this to a family friends party…

I spent most of the night eating, playing nintendo wii and swimming in their pool!
I hope everyone else had a New Years Eve that was as good as mine!

Cool junk..

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, my week has been really boring and my internet is so slow right now…
Anyway, I spent yesterday going through a pile of things my mum was throwing away and I came across a really nice net jacket!

As you can see (at the bottom of the page) it doesn’t look like a proper jacket because I flipped the bottom half over my shoulders to make a cape kind of thing… I thought it looked awesome!

This week I copied my sisters idea and started an inspiration folder where I put in things that inspire me to design (imagine) and I put in random stuff I like.

Here is a picture of me and my sisters folder, mine is the bottom one!

So… does anything inspire you?

pleased to meet you

(DIY 3D glasses, sisters chain, thomas tee, school shorts, giordano socks, bobdog shoes)

The weather today was SOO hot, me and my sister went on a walk down the road to buy some slurpees.. Across from the 7-11 there’s a park so we decided to stop for a photoshoot/get stares from random people!

By the time we decided to head back home the weather was ALOT hotter and our raspberry/blue slurpees had turned into pools of purple mush… My mum is superpowered and didn’t realise how HOT it was so she decided that we were going to have a bbq for lunch… If I was a raspberry/blue slurpee I would be a biggg splodge of purple mush right now.

Anyway, my sister showed me the Alexander Mcqueen ss 2010 runway today and its my favorite…  It looks scary but the dresses are so nice! Go see it if you haven’t seen it before …